Jewellery Boxes

Jewelleries are very expensive items and require proper storage and protection. It is not only the security risks; you also have to worry about environmental degradation that can affect the quality of your precious materials. When you have spent so much money in buying the best jewelleries, it is important to store these items properly. Invest a small amount in jewellery boxes. These boxes are available in a wide range of options in terms of size, material, design, style, colour and finish. You can buy already made boxes or order a customised box according to your specific requirements and preferences. Custom design boxes are made only by local manufacturers operating on a small scale.

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Small Jewellery Boxes
A small jewellery box is used to store only one jewellery item which can be a single item, a pair of two pieces, or multiple items that are parts of a set. This type of box is designed especially for one set of jewellery item that will be stored in it. Such a box can be used to keep the ring, pendant, earrings, necklace, watch, bracelet or a small number of bangles. Most boxes in this range will easily fit in your palm except for the necklace box that is slightly large in length and width.

Wooden Jewellery Boxes
Most boxes sold for storing multiple jewelleries are made of wooden materials. You can find a variety of boxes in this range. There are small, medium and large size wooden boxes for jewelleries. From boxes made for single item to a large furniture set that has multiple drawers and can go as high as waist level from the floor, there are various options. Wooden boxes for this purpose are made with very high quality wood. The boxes will last generations without any degradation in quality. Most such boxes are handmade and crafted exquisitely by trained and experienced artisans. You will find intricately carved jewellery chests designed by talented artists and designers. Some boxes also use leather and metal pieces to increase the functionality and aesthetic look of the boxes. You can find plain wood finish as well as colourful wooden boxes for jewelleries.

Boxes Made with Other Materials
While wooden boxes are very popular, boxes made with other materials are also available. You can easily find jewellery boxes made with materials like metal, leather, faux leather,  brass, steel, stone, marble, soapstone, paper, paper mache, cotton, polyester, silk, silk blend, rayon and rayon blend.

Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Jewellery Boxes
First of all, decide the type of jewelleries for which you need a storage box. If you plan to add jewelleries in future, buy a larger size box than what you currently need for your present set of jewelleries. Most people keep their jewellery box inside a larger storage system. If you plan to keep your jewellery box inside a vault, cupboard, wardrobe, box or bag, you should measure the length, width and height of the compartment where you plan to keep your jewellery box. Determine how many and what type of compartments or drawers you will need to store all your jewelleries.

Each piece of jewellery should be stored separately within the box to avoid scratches. Jewelleries are delicate items and can be tarnished easily if not stored properly. The jewelleries that do not retain precious sparkle and shine lose value. Use proper organising system like a jewellery box to store all your jewelleries properly, safely and securely